Термины в авиаперевозках

Термины в авиаперевозках

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Add-on — An amount used only to construct an unspecified through fare or a mileage distance used to construct an unspecified maximum permitted mileage

Agent, authorised — A passenger sales agent who has been appointed by the carrier to represent such carrier in the sale of air passenger transportation over the services of that carrier and, when authorized, over the services of other air carriers

Airline designator code — The two-characters or three letters which identity particular air carriers

Allowance, free baggage — The baggage which may be carried without payment of a charge in addition to the fare

Automated ticket — A form of Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check designed for issue in various printing devices for which data is computer generated

Baggage excess — That part of baggage which is in excess of the baggage which may be carried free of charge

Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) — A method of providing and issuing traffic documents and of accounting and accredited travel agents adopted as a Billing and Settlement Plan for any particular country or group of countries

Blackout dates — Certain days or periods when travel at specified fares is not permitted, unless otherwise stated

Booking/Reservation — The allotment in advance of seating or sleeping accommodation for a passenger or of space or weight capacity for baggage or goods

Charge — An amount to be paid for carriage of goods or excess baggage based on the applicable rate for such carriage; or on amount to be paid for a special or incidental service in connection with the carriage of a passenger, or baggage

Charter — The hire of an aircraft

Child — A person who has reached his/her second birthday but not his/her 12th birthday (2-11 inclusive) as of the date of commencement of travel, paying children’s fare

Circle trip — Travel from a point and return thereto by a continuous, circuitous air route, including travel comprising two fare components but which do not meet the conditions of the round trip definition

Code sharing — Exists when (a) one carrier operates a flight on behalf of another, using that carrier’s airline designator in the flight number (b) two or more carriers jointly operate a flight under one or more airline designators

Connecting carrier — A carrier to whose services the passenger and his baggage are to be transferred for onward connecting transportation

Conjunction ticket — Two or more tickets concurrently issued to a passenger and which together constitute a single contract of carriage

Coupon, passenger — The portion of the Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check that constitutes the passenger’s written evidence of the contract of carriage

Date of transaction — The date of issuance of the ticket, MCO or PTA

Deadline — Reservations: the minimum/maximum number of days/months before the day of departure by which reservations must be confirmed.
Ticketing: the minimum/maximum number of days/months before the day of departure or the minimum/maximum number of hours/days after reservation by which payment and ticketing must be completed; issue date of a PTA constitutes the ticketing date.
Notes: 1) When deadline is used in paragraphs other than Reservations and Ticketing, the term refers to the deadline for reservations and ticketing. When different deadlines apply, the relevant deadline will be indicated e.g., “before ticketing deadline”
2) “Before deadline” includes transaction made also on the deadline date
3)(Only applicable when specifically referred to in a Fare Rule) Where this date falls on a weekend/public holiday, the last preceding business day becomes the deadline

End-on combination/ Onward combination — Combination of pricing units at a fare construction point (except as provided in local combination of fares between the same points)

Endorsement — The transfer of authority required when a passenger with an international ticket wishes to rebook to a carrier other than the carrier shown on the ticket

Fare — The amount charged by the carrier for the carriage of a passenger and his allowable free baggage and is the current fare which a carrier in the publication it normally uses to publish fares, holds out to the public, or the appropriate segment of the public, as being applicable to the class of service to be furnished

Fare component — A portion of an itinerary between two consecutive fare construction points. If the journey has only one fare component, the points of origin and destination are the only fare construction points

Fare break point/ Fare construction point — The terminal points of a fare component. These are also termed fare break points

Flight coupon — That portion of a Ticket annotated good for passage’ or a segment(s) of an Electronic Ticket

Gateway — First point of arrival or last point of departure in a country or an area

Go-show/ Standby passenger — Passengers who will board a flight subject to space availability at departure time and only after all passengers having reservations for such flight and all passengers without reservations but paying fares other than adult standby fares have boarded the flight

Infant — A person who has not reached his/her second birthday as of the date of commencement of travel

Issuing carrier — A carrier whose tickets are issued to the passenger